The offer in Pavilions 2 & 3

Hall 2

An ultra-efficient Food Place that brings all the hall's offerings together in one space: the Paul bakery for any time of the day, the Red d'Hippo premium grill and the Cake & Coffee counter for sweet treats.

Hall 3

An offer completely redesigned to meet the new expectations of exhibitors and visitors. The Paul bakery for efficient service and French bakery products throughout the day. Three Café de Seine outlets for accessible products. The Super Wild Coffee* shop for English-style lattes, granola, salads, muffins and cookies. Deli&Cia*, a fluid self-service presentation with a wide selection of super-fresh snacks. MasQMenos*, the ultra-fashionable tapas bar from Barcelona with tasty Spanish-style food

*These brands will be available after the renovation of Hall 3 in 2024. 

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Pavillon 23